Monday, June 27, 2005

Today I got rid of the last vestiges of my Catholic boarding school upbringing and did something I have been procrastinating about doing for donkey’s years. I got a tattoo. Doubtless the first of many. As I sit here and wait for the water heater to crank itself up so I can bathe my new tattoo with soap and warm water, I’m just thinking to myself how far I have come mentally that I actually went through with this.

Procrastination and big talk was what I was about for a really long time. I talked the talk so long I actually begun to believe the hogwash myself. And that was a sad place to be, believe me. Then some where after breaking up with the love of my life (the adult one, not the childhood one), I just took to doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. You could say I became selfish. And boy has it worked wonders for me!

Being something of a late bloomer has its weird set of compensations though. When on campus, every other guy was getting or trying to get some, I was off travelling the world – UK kyeyo, those things - and being every girl’s best friend. And where did that get me? Absolutely nowhere. Oh yes I know how to listen and all that jazz, so what? I have a female best friend and am not looking for any more so unless listening is going to get me some, hang up already.

However now I’m the one still getting kicks out of being unconventional and you can be sure my sexual revolution is just getting started. All that time I spent being the nice guy? Yeah, now its payback time and I’m all about the pleasure now. I already dealt with the pain ages ago.

It’s a really cool tattoo believe you me. I think for my next one I will go for the emblem of the SAS, I’ve always been partial to things military and their slogan is the bomb, “Who Dares Wins”, sublime. My brother will probably go out and get one so he can be uber cool like me, the sisters will secretly wish their bu-boyfriends could be like me, my mum will get over it and as for the girlfriend…well, I’ll let y’all know what goes down.


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