Monday, August 15, 2005

3G Mobile Telephony

the story is told of a man who was out reaping where he rightfully did not sow while his faithful spouse awaited hubby dearest at home with a hot cuppa of tea and a basin full of warm water. when hubby dearest took longer than usual to return home, she with due concern dialled his mobile telephone number setting in motion the following catalogue of galliputian errors.

1. the donkey answered his phone, while ensconed in the other woman's scented sheets.
2. he proceeded to spin his rightful woman a long one about this jam at the Clock Tower that he was stuck in, mbu the cars were not moving, traffic policeman were swarming the place blah blah...
3. being of rather sound mind, not to mention extraordinarily sharp wits wifey dear asked the husband, anti seeing as he was in his car in a jam at Clock Tower, to hoot ko and she hears, y'know show the cops and other motorists that he was really impatient with all of them and the fact that they didnt appreciate his dinner was growing cold - and his wife too - while they twiddled their thumbs and little else.

in the dead silence that ensued you could hesar the dust mites frolicking in the slanting rays of the late afternoon sun. colossal Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

4. ...after what seemed an eternity, the wife heard a high pitched distinctly human sounding..."Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep peeeeeeeeep" oh dear Lord, the sheer agony of it all.

which brings me nicely to the subject of this post. the advertisemants by the biggger network that with Agent Banda's so secret password you can now send me pictures on the mobile. replay the above scenario except that now instead of the wife asking lothario to sound his horn, yes you saw it coming, she's gonna ask him to take a picture and zap it to her! and she knows he aint gonna plead no airtime 'cause if he did she'd just Me2U him some.

Technology is the new religion, MTN is the new High Priest.


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