Friday, August 12, 2005

To Love and Obey.

Hiya, yesterday i attended a wedding meeting. my first this year, a fact that gives me a quiet sense of pride. i can no longer deny the stunning realization that so many of my contemporaries seem to believe the newest fad is organising a wedding and actually going through with the ceremony. Dear Lord, what are we coming to? i mean we are only approaching thirty years of age (and from the right side, i might add).

kati, nga tulya awo at the meeting. i look around and i'm seeing all thse church types from the days back when...lets just leave it at that shall we. and i'm wondering why i bothered showing up, despite my promise to the groom-to-be, i could have just skipped and i bet he wouldnt have been the wiser for it. i was so bored after half an hour i wanted to hand over a 20k note and just scream bloody murder!

however i did no such thing. i sat there with a polite half smile contemplating whether to put 50k to the groom and bestman's salon bill or instead contribute it to the champagne tab - seeing as that will be the only alcohol at the reception. whats the point in going to a wedding reception if not to get sloshed at someone else's expense and recount-with the similarly inebriated boys-drunken escapades that involved the groom while you check out the chick sashaying past who's obviously feeling cold, judging from the "state" of her top?

you know how christian weddings go. behind the hugs and "Praise God"s u're looking to see who brother Richard showed up with, seeing as he and sister Annettee broke up for the umpteenth time 2 months ago (must be for good this time). and you know that aint Sister Sandra's babydaddy! oh u didnt know? well now you do, little Victoria is like 18 months old.
Aaaaah, there goes Sister Kemi(Kemigisha) who kinda stopped talking to you after you asked the fellowship to forgive you following that thing with that chick everyone warned you about.
which reminds me. i bettar call the nanny and find out if she gave Thelma her lunch and put her to sleep. she gets so cranky if she doesnt have her midday nap.

if i attend, should i take my new girlfriend? what if my ex shows up alone? what if she shows up with a guy? when we've had to attend these do's we've done it together, its a lot simpler all round that way, i dont wanna be there alone and she comes with a guy or the other way round. and how do i ask her what her plans are regarding a date? maybe i should ask Sheila (and let everyone think that i still haven't moved on, Huh funny!).

ah what the heck, i should just get this over and done with and ask the girlfriend along, except for one thing, i have hardly met any of her friends-and as for being introduced as the boyfriend...forgetaboutit-so introducing her to my entire circle, whatever my feelings about them, is a bit much.

Tweedle dee, Tweedle dum.


Blogger Iwaya said...

u culled this from a newspaper, didn't ya? u did? u can't be this good!!!

Fri Sep 16, 07:24:00 pm  
Blogger Degstar said...

i can be that good. i am that good. you'd better believe it.

Tue Sep 27, 01:44:00 pm  

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