Wednesday, September 28, 2005

2 Midlevel Execs hard @ Work

aivan010 [offline 9:30:22]:
aivan010 [11:05:35]: thank you
degattitude [11:08:14]: u welcome
aivan010 [11:08:33]: and now,i will be accepting money
degattitude [11:09:56]: middle finger 2 u
aivan010 [11:10:16]: dude,i don't swing that way
degattitude [11:11:16]: my bad, u had me convinced otherwise...
aivan010 [11:11:43]: hey...hormones going overboard again?
aivan010 [11:12:05]: you really should take your medication
degattitude [11:14:36]: she's in that time of d month
degattitude [11:15:57]: u know Alwin?
degattitude [11:16:23]: bunch of babes was up in my house last nite discussin d broha
aivan010 [11:16:42]: what?
aivan010 [11:16:44]: why?
aivan010 [11:16:48]: mbu what?
degattitude [11:16:55]: 6tjyjughgy8jgjk
degattitude [11:16:57]: fhnhghjhvggsfdnxc
degattitude [11:17:00]: e4t4e466789878t6
degattitude [11:17:02]: rw5te4edyyh nhkkh
degattitude [11:17:05]: 5567i5ujg
degattitude [11:17:14]: this is olivia
degattitude [11:17:43]:
aivan010 [11:17:57]: no it isn't
aivan010 [11:18:00]: this is ivan
degattitude [11:18:06]: hi
degattitude [11:18:18]: for the record- it was peter
degattitude [11:18:33]: you know i dont be like that-olivia
aivan010 [11:18:33]: Right
aivan010 [11:18:47]: what all nice and kissy-like?
degattitude [11:19:16]: i mean i like you- i'm sure peter likes you too- just that he mus be going thru tough times right about now- i mean u left the dept- hasn't been the same since....sob sob
degattitude [11:19:29]: fuck u
aivan010 [11:19:53]: ?
degattitude [11:20:02]: i'm postin his entire discourse on my blog starting - Ema
aivan010 [11:20:33]: why?
degattitude [11:21:06]: coz i can
aivan010 [11:21:36]: well,i can't argue with that
degattitude [11:22:48]: gud. like it wen pple know d way d cookie crumbles
aivan010 [11:23:51]: oooh,Bruce almighty
degattitude [11:24:33]: u seen the previews 4 Transporter 2?
degattitude [11:24:45]: wicked man, fucking brilliant!
aivan010 [11:24:56]: nope,have you seen the preview for V for Vendetta?
degattitude [11:25:13]: not yet
degattitude [11:25:37]: seems all i do is watch previews of movies
degattitude [11:25:45]: and "24"
aivan010 [11:26:18]: you mised 24
degattitude [11:27:01]: ?
aivan010 [11:27:19]: you jammed to give it to me
degattitude [11:28:25]: oh...
degattitude [11:28:37]: u friends with James onen?
aivan010 [11:28:39]: uhm,yeah
degattitude [11:30:44]: friends enough that he'd let u watch it at his place?
aivan010 [11:31:00]: uhm..why?is it his?
degattitude [11:31:53]: yep. i only had it coz i spent so much tym at his hse watchin it that he kicked me out...with it
aivan010 [11:39:46]:
degattitude [11:42:17]: i'm d fuckin master of friend
aivan010 [11:43:07]: no you're not...I AM
degattitude [11:45:04]: NO. I AM.
aivan010 [11:46:14]: no...I AM!
degattitude [11:48:22]: ugot a small dick rite?
degattitude [11:48:32]: that why u goin on abt this?
aivan010 [11:49:08]:'m a genius i am
degattitude [11:50:03]: dickie!!!
aivan010 [11:50:19]: i know what you are but what am i
degattitude [11:54:24]:


Blogger Andrea Peterson said...

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Wed Sep 28, 11:56:00 am  
Blogger Degstar said...

please people,
do not use my blog to solicit...whatever y'all trying to flog. if u got nohing to say about the actual content on the bleeding blog, keep scrolling! thank you all very much.

Wed Sep 28, 02:05:00 pm  
Blogger Mataachi said...

u know what degstar? i don't know how u are going to take this, depends on whether you like the guy or not. but u sound exactly like fatboy of sanyufm radio. those who don't get sanyu radio or don't listen to the morning show, your world is the poorer for it all. keep up the blog!!!

Wed Sep 28, 06:05:00 pm  
Blogger Mataachi said...

wait a minute here, u wouldn't happen to be fatboy himself, would you? no, he couldn't be this eloquent. or original.

that doesn't disqualify him or seanice as an enjoyable experience. kampala is not big originality anyway.

Wed Sep 28, 06:09:00 pm  
Blogger Degstar said...

i am not Fatboy.

Thu Sep 29, 05:41:00 pm  

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