Thursday, September 29, 2005

R.I.P Paulie

Paul Nehemiah Lulenzi Mwandha
November 28, 1979 - September 28, 2005

Rest In Peace
Friend, Classmate, Artiste, Entrepreneur, DiscJockey, Comedian.


Blogger Mataachi said...

i'm not an easily impressed type but i remember how much i was when i first met early last year. one year and he's gone?!!

i met p. tech because i had accidentally stumbled upon his website and to say i was blown away by the idea, the execution and the passion inherent in the website would be an understatement of the most extreme kind. i was flabbergasted! angry at myself that until then i had never had a chance to chance upon it.

then i met before meeting him, i was wondering if his website was funded like some ngo or something. deserved to be. he impressed me with how important it was to him that he maintain his freedom and that any cred he was going to get be got because people out there appreciated what he was doing and not because this was the pet project of some fat cat who wanted reflected glory from the sweat and toil of some minions.

i was taken by his passion, by his ideas and dedication in a city and country where selflessness are extinct virtues. qualities to be scoffed at. i will miss p. tech and damn, what an unfair loss!

Thu Sep 29, 05:55:00 pm  
Blogger Degstar said...

couldn't have put it better mate.

Thu Sep 29, 06:29:00 pm  

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