Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jackee left yesterday.

Sunday October 9, 2005

At that exact time, Jackee my ex of going on 2 years and best friend/lover/confidante of the previous four called to tell me she was in fact leaving town for Ottawa to do her Masters in International Law.

Boy oh boy, was I thrown for nine!

Just when you thought it was safe to go out and play, the heavens let loose and drowned you with the sinking realization that the last time you saw her, which by the way you do not remember…musta been…at her home!....like 3 months ago?...would in fact be the very last time that you saw her for like the next 2, 3, God knows how many years.

Drat, drat, drat!!! Abraham and Moses on a frigging bicycle!

That chick is the only woman I have ever…no… so far (must retain optimism) loved. And I loved her like no other even though to this day I have absolutely not the foggiest idea why we fucking broke up. Oh, I know what I said, but dude, you think I believe that shit? Heeeeeellllllll NO!
So I told her…I loved her still…just like that. I mean she’s fucking off to Canada! What the fuck was I s’pposed to do with this wellspring of emotion just choking its way out of me like a bad rolex doing a reverse gear thingy?

And… fellas raise one eyebrow, chicks hold your breath…

She kinda exhaled in that way only chicks can and went like, “wow, you shouldn’t have said that to me” hence my, “why not? Would it have stopped you going to Canada?”…and she LOL! YESSSS! I love that about her and me, the ability to just fuckin laugh at everything and ourselves. With the appropriate decorum and good taste, of course. Man, I’m gonna miss this chick.

I mean, what’s it with this month? Paulie kicks the bucket and now Jackee’s off to bleedin Canada!

You wanna know what the punchline to this little ditty is? The chick I’ve been as if dating was like fucking upstairs while I was on the phone with Jackee and she coulda been like on fucking Pluto for all I …no, I cared, I really did…I just forgot she was there.

Y’all chicks wondering what Jackee said back to me about me telling her I love her still, eeh?
I know y’all so well!

And I quote, “Well ****, I love you too”.

She still left for Canada though, should be there right about now.


Blogger Mataachi said...

the heart ache of the ex who never quite left. or u ever really let go of. everything reflected in their perfection. i know abt that. no beer or job will quite drown out that voice or that face or the memories. and they say amensia is a bad ass disease!

Tue Oct 11, 12:20:00 pm  

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