Wednesday, October 12, 2005


as in Milton Apollo Obote.

senior statesman, post-independence premier, founding member of the KANU, founding father of the nation, usurper of Mutesa II's authority, orator extraordinaire, life president (how true) of the People's Party, devil incarnate, mentor, hero, ghost, father, husband, premier, president, docter, old boy, good man, evil genius, vote rigger, democrat, uncle, murderer, grandpa, scholar, intellectual, Ugandan.

now we shall never know what really went down in the thickets of Luweero without some government functionary trying to put their spin on history. an overtrusting consummate politician he might have been, Milton Obote was no mass murderer, and in that way only they can achieve, the current bunch of revolutionaries running things have once again been shown up for the bumbling incompetents that they are underneath the gloss and polish.

suddenly all those blustery speeches about "we shall shoot him on sight at the airport" and lately, "he needs to answer for his atrocities in Luweero" don't sound like they were quite the right thing to go about saying, eeh old boy? i mean, with your whipping boy gone which scarecrow are you going to pull out of the closet to frighten/browbeat/blackmail the populace into overwhelmingly voting you back into power for like forever?

i am a M7 baby and i know enough to admit that i don't know as much as i should about the Man Dr. Obote and the things he did for my country. it amuses me no end to read in the papers how in the space of what? 5 years? his government built hospitals, schools, army and police barracks, housing estates, roads, an army, airforce and navy et cetera and in the year 2005 a government minister was admitted to a private hospital in gulu because while engaged in the process of fetching water with the aid of a plastic jerrycan, she had fallen and injured her lips!

in the bad old days there would have been flowing water in the house of the district commissioner let alone that of a minister. you know what happened when i told my grandma last night about his passing? she, (who lived through the dawn of independence and everything thereafter), was visibly saddened - the last thing i expected! i mean, she's a loyal-to-the-bone subject of the Kabaka. obviously that's one less moral vote for the incumbent next year.

"kasta tulya, tulima, twebakka muddembe!"


Blogger The 0ne said...

Now why did you have to go and do that?I mean,what the heck was you finkin'?I thought we was tight,thick as thieves and then you stab me in the back with this...

Tue Oct 11, 08:12:00 pm  
Blogger Iwaya said...

you're on your own the one. i think this is the most thoughtful, insightful piece i have yet read on the complex mind and man that was milton apollo obote, doctor or not.

Wed Oct 12, 11:58:00 am  

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