Monday, November 07, 2005

Off The Shelf, Dude

“Doing it and doing it and doing it round, Doing it and doing it and doing it round, Doing it and doing it and doing it round, I represent Queens; she was raised up in Brooklyn…!”

Sanyu FM is just killing me with this Off d Shelf mix dude. It is so fucking wicked dude, they in the space of one hour just played LL Cool James n Terence Trent D’Arby and the Great One, y’all bow down and hail, …Oh Your Musical Highness 2Pac and rite now, I can just feel the rap coming up on that Jayz-Jon B “Keeping it Real” track.

This shit is so tight it tighter than when I did Rachel – and that was some tight shit, believe me – damn. Double damn!

Oh fuck is dat ‘Clef doing Ghetto People? It better be ‘cause I’m giving up going out to get some liquor to be up in here bouncing up off the freaking walls. U know what, stuff the liquor and just gimme some good ‘ol TLC cause y’all remember how we used to get down to “Baby, baby, Baby” dontcha? Man I miss being in the ‘90’s when TLC coulda had any man they wanted to – now that’s actual and factual - and still they chose me to be with them so I best break off what ever I was doing.

Damn if it ain’t the Heavy Lover Keeping it Coming! Now that I got a girlfriend – oh yeah, we doing this shit for real now but that shit’s for another day – I’m going to get some Heavy D on disc so we can do some real freaky shit to some of the In between The Sheets Lover’s lyrics cause there ain’t no loving like some loving to the lyrics of old school when it was about the music and not some candy shop, gun running, chick dissing fakeass wannabe bad guy I bin shot nine times and I hate The Game yada yada yada…….

Shit baby, I think I’m going to have a fucking orgasm rite now. Foxy Brown in the Hizzle people!!!! (yeah I can spit some) and guess what she wants to do? Get me home now to her Heart shaped water bed so I can wax that ass all night long and just twist her body like a fucking exorcist. Yeah sugarpie, I’m going to do that shit ands a whole lot more. Foxy’s was the first CD I ever bought myself when I started down the highway of musical enlightenment and even though the CD turned out to be a rip-off, Foxy and I sure had some good times, sniff sniff.

Damn, they slowed it down! Oi! Gwe in the studio, what do you think you doing? Turn it back up already. Shit man, I’m going to get a drink to cool me down.


Blogger Iwaya said...

what's your herb, man?

Wed Nov 09, 11:09:00 am  
Blogger Degstar said...

d one of Wisdom brothaman.

Wed Nov 09, 07:15:00 pm  
Blogger Lilian Philips said...

Hi Begstar,

If you like TTD's music, come on over to his official site where you can download and listen to his newer music! :)

Check i.e. "Music", follow the textlinks there to many songs FREE to download.

He also just released his latest album: "Angels & Vampires - Volume I" as an MP3 album plus 6 songs of Volume II which he's currently recording.

And way more to explore.

Happy listening :)
(he changed his name)

his webmistress

Wed Nov 16, 05:48:00 pm  
Blogger Jay said...

r u sure you need a drink you are already waaaaaay ouut there. Maybe a cola or a rwenzori. Ican't remember the last time a radio presenter seemed to be playing just for all those jams I havent heard in years.

Wed Nov 30, 01:53:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“Doing it and doing it and doing it round, Doing it and doing it and doing it round, Doing it and doing it and doing it round, I represent Queens; she was raised up in Brooklyn…!”

What's the name of the song??

Tue Dec 25, 08:42:00 am  

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