Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Reply to Iwaya

i wish i had made this up dude,
i run into both of them a few weeks later at a govt ministry and they were kinda smiling and looking back in my direction...i was pissing bullets. when i went to walk out, there they were at the exit looking for all the world like 2 pigs in shit. i hung back till she went to the bathroom, thank God for the foibles of women and how they never leave a building without going to the ladies, so i made a run for it and just as i walked past him, i looked up and he was looking over so i open my trap to say something, anything, and he nods and sez (in his Boston, MA, accent), "Hey, how you doing?" ok, fair enough, "i'm alright, n you?"
then i walked away promising myself thet if ever i found myself bereft of good things to say about people, then i would say nothing about them at all.


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