Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blue Suede Shoes

Hi, my name is Julius and I love rock n roll.
I’m seating on my bed sipping on some really great coffee from Burundi and nodding my head to some rock band doing its thing on the stereo, wondering if I’ll be going out to Zanzi tonight for pork and pints. They do a mean pork rib at that Zanzi place, really scrumptious.

I also have a stellar fascination with the thought that my girlfriend is going to cheat on me. She hasn’t done anything to merit this line of thought, except maybe just be herself, all bubbly and gregarious and full of life. I think like this because I know she’s going through some issues and she will not tell me about them so I figure she will find some bloke she has like no attachment to and she’ll just open upto him and then they’ll start talking and before you know it, one thing will lead to another and there you go, emotional attachment to this other person. I would know about that chain of events because that is exactly how my ex and I hooked up. I like to pride myself on being pragmatic about life.

This pragmatism was borne out of the fact that I was rather late in climbing aboard the sexual revolution bandwagon. No, not the 60’s sexual revolution, I’m talking about the one going on right in front of you, the one you’re either too un-street-smart or just too plain naïve to see going on. Like I was, for all 3 ½ years of University, and see where it got me! 25 years old and I’d rather get my hands on the new season of 24 than plot how I’m going to bang my sister’s foxy friend. And you thought there was a real abstinence movement thing going on? You bloody idiot you. Everyone’s out getting their leg over and if I were you I’d quit regarding that chick as your best female friend and start working on turning her into your f..k buddy – for uncomplicated stress free sex. Let me put it this way, do you think Sudhir, Wavah, Kabonero, Bitature, yes even Mike Ezra (yabulila wa) et al have female best friends? What do you think they’d do with that “friend” and her fine posterior? My point exactly.

So now that I’m looking to renew my subscription to the casual sex bandwagon, I’m honest enough to admit that if it’s good for the gander, its good enough for the goose, hence my mild paranoia about the direction my girlfriend’s going to go in search of help – unconditional stress free help. In the meantime I’ll listen to some really good rock n roll, down a few tots of Scotch and smirk at the “Mother of the Nation’s” expectation that we’ll morph into a nation of waiting for marriage abstainers.


Blogger Iwaya said...

excuses, excuses. these all sound just like excuses to go and do what you want. be man, be ruthless without scruples.

Thu Jan 26, 05:34:00 pm  
Blogger Carlo said...

casual sex? what's that? you mean like sex with your spouse casually? LOL!

Mon Feb 20, 10:46:00 pm  

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