Friday, February 24, 2006

Music maketh the Man

the absolute Kings; MJ, Elvis, Tchaikovsky, Clapton, Robbie Williams

for listening to on Sunday afternoons, after lunch before tea. also Creed, linkin Park, Evanescence, Staind, Melissa Etheridge, The Corrs, Springsteen, U2, Dido, The Calling etc

Working on looking like this dude, all brooding intensity and devil may care attitude, :-) i kid you. to play d piano like him is quite enough for me.

Music for making Out

if i were the DJ on my dates, i would play the following guys; Sinatra, BB King, SSQ, Babyface, Nina Simone, Wyclef Jean but only The Preacher's Son.

goes well with Coffee and cake. also, fantasia Barrio, Al Jarreau, Rahsaan patterson, Anita Baker, Beres Hammond.

in the event that i'm working into the wee hours of the night than these dudes are gonna keep me company. sting (anyone remember the really bad hairdo he sported when he was still with Police? damn!), Daniel & natasha Bedingfield, Eric clapton, John Legend, The Commodores, Will Smith...

for when i'm wearing a linen shirt with old jeans and a bracelet made outta green, black, red and yellow beads n stones. details details eeh? salif keita, Youssou N'Dour, Lenny Kravitz, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Khadja Nin, Necessary Noize, Babba Maal, Maxwell and SSQ.

in my CD player, on my PC at work and the one at home too, right now. that and the Linkin Park collabo with Jayz, Kawesa's new album, a little Creed and definately a lotta Kanye West.

For God & My Country. UG music is on the up and up. some of my fave artists to listen to include, but are not limited to, Bebe Cool - seen above sans upper torso attire, the Ndere Troupe - great for those cheese & wine gigs an sunday afternoons with the parents, Richard Kawesa - got the new yet to be released album, sublime stuff really, Chameleon, K'Angie Mtume, Maurice Kirya, Peter Miles, Angela Katatumba, Eddie rush, Samite, geoffrey oryema, Jaqee, mesach semakula, Pastor George Okudi at al.

and this is how we did it in the days when Peter Sematimba, MC Afric - RIP, Allan kasujja, Rasta Rob and whoever else counted as a DJ were still at Sanyu FM. i'm going misty recalling albums as seminal as Doggystyle, artists as fresh as M.C. hammer, yes even Vanilla Ice, NWA, arrested development, Ice Cube, Easy E, Ice T, New Kids on D Block, Big Daddy kane, New Edition and Robert kelly, before the little girls, d dabble with christianity and all the female nudity he's got going on now.

Praise the Lawd people! for behold, we were created to give praise and get our earthly groove on to spiritually uplifting music. presenting Watoto Children's Choir - no truth truer than that spoken by babes - Cece winans, Hillsongs, Nicole C. Mullen, Mahalia Jackson, KPC Choir, papa San, Michael W. Smith, Keith ministries, Winans Phase 2, Christ d king Choir...Ahmen

Boogie Nights baby! i have as many varied dancing music tastes as there are varied dancing styles and situations. disco, drunken dancing, dancing with my mum, dancing with my girlfriend, dancing with the mirrors in Ange (ok, seriously, not happening). in here i've got Madilu System, Tabu Ley le Rochereau, T.P. OK Jazz, Donna Summer (bless u woman), Percussion Discussion Afrika, M.C.Hammer (Hammer, Hammer, Oh yeah!), Vanilla Ice, Afrigo Band,Salt n Pepa, SWV, Youssou N'Dour, Ndere Troupe, ok i could go on for a bit here...

if on my wedding day, Sade walked into the chapel at the moment when the priest's asking for objections to our union, and raised one, on the basis that she and i were meant to be together and she'd made a terrible mistake not realising it all those years ago when as a boy i wote her endlessly, oh how the time flies, believe you me i would walk outta church with her.her, Jill Scott and Anita Baker. but, until they do, i'll be content to listen to them while stuck in traffic. them and Jaheim.

these here are my empowerment peoples. i first got hooked on jimmy clif and his positive vibrations as a kid and since then we've been inseparable. him and Bob marley, Lucky Dube, Ladysmith Black mambazo, Pat Shange, Salif Keita, necessary Noize, like that.

this here below is the kind of vibes i want whispering to me while i'm falling asleep, preferably at night, with the curtains open and the drapes fluttering in the night breeze. i find pianos and saxophones to be brilliant instruments to fall asleep to. other artists would be Ella Fitzgerald, Dionne Warwick, Simon & Garfunkel and Otis Redding.


Blogger ish said...

most of everyone you mention appears, check it out, i'm sure you'll be impressed... maybe even inspired

Sat Feb 25, 02:46:00 am  
Blogger Carlo said...

boy have i respect for you!! you've got really great taste in music. somehow you forgot the more soulful erykah badu (what happened to her?) and joss stone - i so adore her music.

forget everyone else and just leave john legend and i'll be the happiest woman on earth. i don't only want to play like him, i want him to personally sing me to sleep. oh, and i'd walk out on my husband for him too!

then there's the classical three tenors. they're so much better than the three sopranos, and not only cuz of pavarotti.

Sat Feb 25, 04:00:00 pm  
Blogger Lovely Amphibian said...

uh huh. what the ladies said, its so true. great post. and thanx for including Angela.

Sun Feb 26, 08:11:00 pm  

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