Monday, May 15, 2006

Things i look at daily.

simple. functional. beautiful

from the inside looking out. i will have a suite of offices in that building in 10 years. the blue tiled building, silly.

from the outside looking in

front desk floral arrangement

sometimes we have bad days as well. we take them out on the front desk floral arrangements.

feng shui. put a plant in your space and you will become a better lover!

more feng shui

i wear this bracelet on days when i feel like asserting my connection with the soul of my country. its a twisty strand of multicoloured beads and stones in red, green, brown, yellow, cream and black.

kati that would be my fone in all its fyn-ness

my desk bright and early in the morning, before i start my PC. Manangement had the snazzy idea to seat me and the rest of my dept in this open plan arrangement and thats the corner they stuck me into, where everyone in the rest of the office can see my business including me posting this.

my Burundian woman. thats how i like my women to look, all hips and curves. sadly, the reality is oft far from the dream.


Blogger savage said...

That kind of order on a desk is unacceptable. Do you actually ever do any work at all?

Wed May 17, 08:07:00 pm  
Blogger Iwaya said...

where's the pringles jug at? there's gotta be a pringles jug somewhere. where u stashed it? and those playboys?

Wed May 17, 09:54:00 pm  
Blogger jkb said...

Either its a new office space and Degstar is playing a real estate agent or he is a molly maid contractor exhibiting results of his hard work.

The floor tiles are equally spotless, it would seem. Mmmh, good job.

Thu May 18, 07:36:00 am  
Blogger baz said...

You guys are right. That desk is suspiciously neat. Where are the blunts and roaches?

Thu May 18, 03:05:00 pm  
Blogger Lovely Amphibian said...

where's Olivia?

Fri May 19, 11:25:00 am  
Blogger Degstar said...

Olivia's right behind the Burundian woman. this was last week, during the calm b4 d storm, y'all should see my desk now!

Fri May 19, 06:12:00 pm  
Blogger CountryBoyi said...

hey guyz, there's more 2 degster than e women & cars. he's a big dreamer & havin his office in that blue skyscrapper [is it?] is a big aim. i'll need a job man, in 10 yrs!

Mon May 22, 06:42:00 pm  

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