Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brazil 3 - Ghana 0

For the love of Pele; the Czech referee and his linesman, the one who allowed the offside goal from Brazil, by Adriano, should be tarred, feathered and then have their nails filed upto their cuticles … using a blunt bread knife. The thieving bastards!

We lost the match, no doubt about that, but I’ll tell you this. Tonight on that pitch in Dortmund, those Brazilians were little more than a bunch of fat (Ronaldo), toothy, long haired lumbering overpriced players! I love Brazil man, I just do - cross my heart and hope to die, but tonight, I felt nothing for them. No doubt we were absolutely useless in font of the goal, squandering many an opportunity to prove to the world and its cousins that those Amazonians do piss standing up, just like we do, BUT … BUT … it seemed to me, like the referee was so awed at being in the physical presence of those aforementioned dudes that he went a little overboard in his distribution of points, yellow cards, allowing of obviously offside goals e.g. the second by Adriano and the third by Ze Roberto, really you could see that even the crowd was rooting for US baby!!

Dortmund y’all so totally rock! Yes, even the Germans amongst you. I could swear I actually saw some Germans SMILING! Real smiles, not the fake ones they give you in the GTZ office. Sorry Aunt Wald, but it is true. Your people need to lighten up! Maybe some ‘erb will help? And a tot or two of this here?

First they rigged us out of hosting this World Cup now they’re rigging us out of the World Cup itself! Bloody billions of blue blistering barnacles!!

Well actually there’s a bit of irony there. Where better in the world is rigging practised than in good ol’ sunny Africa, except of course for Florida, Mmph?


Blogger jkb said...

U are right on the money dude. There were like six offside dashes by brasil in the first half and the linesman let them through, lucky they did not score!

That linesman was alwayz running behind the play, how could he have been in position to identify infractions and offsides? Outright incompetence at display.

I know Brasil can score by themselves, but why assist them with two gifts in goals? Men, I guess a Brazilian loss would have been bad for business in FIFA's eyes. I need a tylenol...

Tue Jun 27, 11:11:00 pm  
Blogger baz said...

"Billions of blue blistering barnacles"? What happened to good old "Fuck"?

Wed Jun 28, 10:49:00 am  
Blogger CountryBoyi said...

am with you on this one, deg. i feel bad. true we lacked an etoo infront but had that adriano offside not sunk the hearts of our boys, maybe the game would have gone 2 extra time. and who knows what might have happened then.

now, what do we do to some heartless guys here [iwaya inclusive] who were singing praise song for samba boys as they robbed us? sad the encounter was -we just have 2 dry our tears & wait on 2010. then the super kings shall shine!!

Wed Jun 28, 05:07:00 pm  
Blogger jkb said...

Baz, because Cpt. Haddock, in Tin Tin's adventures, took over. Too strong a term to be inherited with those good and simple old ones I guess.

Wed Jun 28, 07:41:00 pm  
Blogger Lovely Amphibian said...

Baz, that Deg is using the crazy captain's language means he is in posession on a Tintin or two. Give it here Deg. i sniffed it out first.

Thu Jun 29, 07:19:00 pm  
Blogger Degstar said...

come read it at home, this is a Collector's piece.

Sat Jul 01, 02:50:00 pm  

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