Saturday, July 01, 2006

Comment 4 Dennis' thoughts on gay people.

This is a response to your most strongly worded piece on the issue of Homosexuality, @ Seeing as you have comment moderation enabled and you have made your feelings public, I do not believe from your tone that you would let my rather exhaustive comment show up on your blog so I’ve decided to just do it on my own blog.

Firstly, because Dr. Sylvia Tamale advocates for the rights of people who are gay does not make her gay, period. It does not mean she wants to fuck another woman, to borrow a phrase from you. It just means she’s standing up for what she believes to be a marginalised section of society. Something we all should do for people we personally believe to be marginalised. For example, I am a proponent of the – now stillborn - Domestic Relations Bill (DRB). Does that make me a woman?

May I ask for your views on the DRB? I personally believe women have had the short end of the stick for millennia and I put it to you that fighting for their rights, as proposed in the DRB will achieve a lot more for Uganda than fighting against the spread, real or imagined, of Homosexuality. Put another way, the number of gay people in this country is miniscule, negligible actually, compared to that of women, shouldn’t our priorities lie in making this country a better home for its female folk?

Secondly, while you the President and Pastor Martin Sempa are heaping fire and brimstone on gay people, what are you also doing, if anything about, the Adultery section of the Penal Code which will fine a man convicted of adultery a fine of Shs 600 (In 2006!!!) or a one-year jail term on conviction, plus a compensation of Shs 200 to the complainant.

Considering how many of our grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends and ourselves go round sticking little John into anything in a skirt – hence spreading Chlamydia trachomatis, Genital warts (from HPV), Genital Herpes, Hepatitis C, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and the ugliest of them all; HIV/AIDS – to mention but a few, Isn’t that more of an issue in terms of the actual crimes of an adulterous nature being committed than the crimes of a Homosexual nature?

Look, to debate the genesis of Homosexuality i.e. born with or lifestyle choice, African vs. Western is really beside the point. What are we doing about it is the question? In this country, it is a crime. So if you and I were gay and the law caught us at it, then the law should, and rightly would, take its course. But you see the pro-gay lobby is going to ask you what business it is of yours what two consenting adults do with themselves in the privacy of their bedroom as indeed most Africans like to do their shit – privately, in the bedroom, behind drawn curtains and locked doors – how would you respond to that?

I know people who get their kicks from being beaten by their husbands as a demonstration of love. I know other people who prefer to get a blowjob as their “thing”. Are they also deviants?
I know my language does not have a word for “fellatio, cunnilingus, and blowjob – whatever” so that probably makes it unAfrican, right? Is it ok, because it’s between a man and a woman, as God intended? So why is it a spectacle when someone in the public eye pecks/snogs/kisses his wife publicly e.g. Kabaka Mutebi and the Nabagereka at Entebbe Airport? Is it because such PDA should be restricted to the “private rooms” of the people in question? So again I ask you, is it your business what two consenting adults do with each other in private?

This “debate” is for lack of a better term; conjecture at best and at worst, a waste of our time. It does not change the price of electricity. But;

1. discussing the DRB will, because if you give women the right to own the means of production & materially benefit from said ownership, I can guarantee you there will be a lot more women making money for this country which will give Hon. Suruma a wider tax base and before you know it, we just might be able to afford Research into and implementation of alternative sources of energy e.g. Wind farms, Natural Gas, Geothermal plants, and maybe, just maybe Nuclear energy.

2. Finding a permanent solution to the Northern question will allow us to build a dam on the River Nile at Karuma and if that’s not an option, the money we’ll save that gets spent, rightly (bullets, army rations, salaries for UPDF, Amuka & Arrow Boys militias, fuel) and wrongly (“misappropriations”, payoffs to LRA returnee generals, undersize uniforms, junk equipment) will allow us to invest in the people of Northern Uganda through Education , Agriculture, Micro Finance and Health and when the North starts to pay back – did u know Gulu is more fertile than Wakiso and better suited to mechanised agriculture because of its flatness? – we’ll have the attendant benefits of even cheaper, more abundant food supply so we can spend more on paying Umeme’s exorbitant bills? Not to mention forex from exports of organic soybeans for soy oil, ground/pea nuts for peanut butter, tobacco and maize or corn if you prefer.

3. Ensuring that the Government of Uganda/the Kingdom of Bunyoro/the people of Kasese get some sort of stake in the oil that, Insha’Allah & God willing, will soon come gushing out of the Hardman Resources Ltd Waraga 1 oil well in Kaiso-Tonya, Hoima district will prevent the occurrence of a situation like that with Ken Saro-Wiwa & The Ogoni people of the Niger Delta in Nigeria - bit rusty on my Geog but you get the point. Cheap oil available in Uganda is such a godsend that I almost fear to even dream about the resultant benefits.

Aren’t those issues we should be bashing our heads together over? So again I ask you, where is the benefit to the country in us debating which hole I insert my weeny in? My friend, we are a developing nation, if you choose to hide your head in the sand, believe you me, the sands of time will march on and leave you buried. Some sand dune you’ll make. Where was Kimansulo 5 years ago? No where, that’s where. Along with sex tourism, Escort services, Sex trafficking, child pornography and But now, we have grown “accustomed” (more like given up – in that passive Ugandan way) to these things, for chrissakes even the President alluded to the presence of Asian expatriate sex workers in this country (most of them here against their will, some here to make money) during his latest inauguration speech on May 12 at Kololo airstrip. In as much as we’d like to take in only the good stuff, well sorry, even the bad one is coming in.

So, are you going to accuse me as well of being gay? Homosexuals do not have cloven feet/hooves, fiery breath and tails underneath their pants. I’ll wind up these few words with the eternal wisdom of my faith, “hate the sin and love the sinner” that’s how you’ll do your bit to “save them from going to hell”.



Blogger ish said...

um.. yah, what deg said, totally agree... but dude, about kimansulo, like halima said, this kimansulo of today, 'bakadde saw it already.

Sat Jul 01, 08:24:00 pm  
Blogger jkb said...

I agree, there is too much hate and double standards out there, its not even funny.

Sun Jul 02, 08:14:00 pm  
Blogger savage said...

Can't we all just get along?

Sun Jul 02, 09:12:00 pm  
Blogger Darlkom said...

This is completely unrelated, but I just read your profile and I love Tony Parsons. I have read everything he has ever written and thats not alot, I know. Kudos.

Mon Jul 03, 12:08:00 pm  
Blogger CountryBoyi said...

Thanks, Deg, for all your input but I am not moved:
1.It’s not true that I would censor your comment for am an ardent believer in freedom of opinion. So there, u got it wrong.
2.As to Sylvia Tamale, how come she never comes to knock heard on corruption, poverty…but only raises her voice to say it’s ok for kids to have sex [reduce age of consent], or with lesbianism & homosexuality? Don’t u think my hunch that she’s in to attract global media attention which would help her career and finances, holds water? Then how do u convince me all is ok?
3.And u want my views on DRB –that’s another debate. But I’ll tell u that leading a normal sex life as God, the mighty creator of heaven and earth so ordained, is as important to the country. If u believe in the Bible and have read the story of Sodom and Gomorah, surely u click. We don't want to live in a rotten society, do we?
4.What am I doing about “the Adultery section of the Penal Code, which will fine a man, convicted of adultery a fine of Shs 600…” That’s besides the point. We are discussing homosexuality, how in God’s name do they connect? Point is, there are so many, many issues of concern that hunger for redress and it’s upon me and u to do all we can to better society just as am against homosexuality or as it’s very fine for the Baganda who cherish their cultural values to prevent same clan couples marrying.
5.And when you ask me what business it is of mine what “two consenting adults do with themselves in the privacy of their bedroom,” I’ll also ask why it would disturb u if u catch your wife, girlfrined or sister enjoying "blowjob" from some dude. Truth is, wrong is wrong; it must be condemned to be corrected.
6.And suprise -u call this “a waste of our time!” Makes me wonder if u find it ok that all women become lesbians & men turn on men? Sure this debate may not change the price of electricty or solve things in nothern Uganda but it might save someone's kid from deviating sexually. And that’s as important.
7.Finally Deg, don’t go on the defensive. I’m not going to accuse you of being gay. But I want u to know that it’s not alright that man has sex with fellow man. Or woman with woman. That’s very wrong. And the only way I can save my brother or sister from the fiery furnace that is hell is tell them that what they are doing is madness so they can try to stop it. God save us!

Mon Jul 03, 12:22:00 pm  
Blogger Jay said...

Deg let me throw in my two pences worth.

People have a right to believe in what they want to believe in. Likewise bloggers have the right to blog about whatever they feel like. The fact that issues like The war in the north and mistreatment of women, and many other such issues, are prevalent in uganda does not mean one cannot have issues and choose to voice his discontent over "less pressing" matters.

Nobody is under any obligation to champion specific causes at specific times because they are deemed more relevant.

One also has to realise that in almost all cultures the world over homosexuality is largely shunned. This does not mean it is right or wrong it simply means that the vast majority of human beings(either by some genetic configuration or whatever other influences) consider homosexuality as wrong, sinful, deviant.............etc.

That is why is improtant to look at things in context. if and when homosexuality eventually becomes a universally accepted practice there will have been reasons for this.

Peoples' thinking evolves and trying to strongly impose a minority view is never the reason for this evolution. Views change over time due to many influences.

Marinate on that.

Mon Jul 03, 12:29:00 pm  
Blogger baz said...

Hi guys. Two more cents:

1. Homosexuality is not widespread. It is not contagious. It cannot be promoted and taught. I mean, seriously, do you think that a pamphlet or a movie or a song will make a guy say to himself, “Gabrielle Union is really hot, but I think I’ll stop liking girls now.” Come on!

2. Yes, there are gay animals.

3. It is immoral, but so is fornication, adultery, drunkenness, lying, envy, being lazy, being greedy, saying the words fuck and shit, ogling Gabrielle Union... Should everybody who does these things be arrested and locked up in jail?

4. Un-African? When did that become a synonym for immoral? We are the guys who used to marry off our nine-year-old daughters and then throw them out into the wild when they got fistula after their bodies failed to carry our pregnancies. We are the ones who institutionalised beating our wives on the honeymoon. Besides, don’t even trip. How do you know that there were no fags in Africa those days?

5. It is a personality disorder? All the more reason to chill the guys. You don’t arrest someone for being sick. What next? Shoot lepers because they creep you out?

6. We don’t know what causes homosexuality. We know it isn’t caused by watching MTV and Hollywood movies. MTV and Hollywood promote rampant heterosexual promiscuity— okay, occasionally they ask you to settle down, but only at the end. Meanwhile, what does the Hollywood term “that is so gay” mean? It means “that is the opposite of cool.”
Besides, even if every flick that came out last year was Brokeback Mountain sequel, it still wouldn’t trigger off a homo fad. See point one.

7. You all knew someone like this. Little chap. Skinny. Big head. Walked like a girl. Talked like a girl. Liked to play girls games with the girls when he was a kid. Couldn’t handle a football. You know the guy. We used to make fun of him all the time.
Now, imagine the guy is living his lonely life in a flat somewhere. Yeah, he has grown up, become an adult and still can’t shake off his girlishness. He has had a whole lifetime of being teased and abused for it, but he can’t switch it off. No, he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has never been attracted to girls. Doesn’t have any male friends either—no one wants to be seen with him. This is Kampala. It’s not a gay buffet round here, so he probably doesn’t even know where to find a male boyfriend. He has a pretty pathetic life.
Now tell me, honestly, that you think barging into his flat one night, grabbing him and taking him to a Ugandan prison with all the misery and wretchedness there is a good thing to do. Tell me your concience will condone it. Tell me it is not just mean.

Bottom line, hate them if you want to, but don't be beating up on them. Leave them alone. They are not hurting anyone.

Mon Jul 03, 02:07:00 pm  
Blogger sokari said...

Thank you for responding to Country Boyi's post which says nothing that we have not heard before from the average unthinking homophobic tyrannt. A similar debate took place on my blog (see under LGBT category) some months ago around the time when Nigeria introduced the so called "Gay marriage Bill" which intends to not only ban same sex between consenting adults but ban homosexuals and anyone supporting them or advocating for their rights.

Sylvia Tamale is a human rights defender and as such has chosen to defend the rights of all sections of the community irrespective of their sexuality. Uganda like other African states including Nigeria is a signatory to various International Human Rights legislation and agreements and is in violation of those agreements by it's perscution of homosexuals in the country. Thankfully the human rights defenders and gay and lesbian activists in Uganda are in the forefront of the struggle for their rights and will not be silenced by anyone.

Tue Jul 04, 07:12:00 pm  
Blogger Degstar said...

@ Sokari,
right on mate!

Tue Jul 04, 09:17:00 pm  
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