Friday, July 14, 2006

Kid Bro.

Last night as we watched The Late Show my kid brother and I had a vibrant spirited disagreement. My kid bro amazes me. At his tender greenhorn age of like 22, he’s doing things I haven’t even thought of doing yet. He … I want to be just like him when I grow up. The only thing I can point out with any certainly that I did more than him at his current age was … lets see … I … umph … c’mon Deg think negro think … well I’d led a strike in school (their version of things, ask Savage & Lovely Amphibian, they was there, they knows the truth) and I believe … with everything I’ve got … that I got more action than he’s getting now.

By the way, even that is … open to discussion. I went on a date once with this hot chick I met at his last birthday party - a swashbuckling rip roaring affair AT HIS OFF CAMPUS CRIB! I wasn’t allowed to live outside campus, can you imagine? It was either Lumumba – which I wasn’t having, have u guys seen Block C? – Or home. I took home, you didn’t have to queue for the meals and hot water was freely available.

So I went on this date with this as if familiar chick from my bro’s birthday party and in the course of small talk, somewhere between the butter naan and those sweet seeds they give you at the end, we had Indian, it transpired that she was my bro’s ex. From ‘O’ level! Pumla dear, if you ever stumble upon this, now you know why I ain’t never called you back. You fine as hell but I am not being upstaged by my kid bro. It’s a guy thing so don’t bother trying to figure it out if you don’t get it.

On TV, Joanita kawalya is on with Moses Matovu, representing Afrigo. She’s in a gomesi, the full monty, at 1:05 am looking like she on her way to a kwanjula or sumthin. Moses is in Jeans and trainers, I think he just popped outta one of dem De Winton Road pubs.
So Straka asks him how long Afrigo has been around and looking down on her roly polyness, hands tucked into his jacket and rocking ever so slightly back and forth on his heels he answers, in English, “older than you.” Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud – 4 u Carlo.

My brother and I. I think he’s selling himself short cause he is so damn talented and I just see him being so laissez-faire about his abilities and I wanna spur him on to be the man I see in him and he took umbrage at that. Like I was talking down to him or something. I just wanted to get him to see that he needs a paradigm shift in his mental attitude to life so he can achieve his dreams a lot faster but I came off sounding like I was nitpicking at him.

Kati he’s gone off to shower and then to bed. In my frustration I’m sitting here chillin with DMX videos typing this shit and feeling my frus dissipate. Sweat of my Sweat, Blood of my Blood IS THE BEST RAP ALBUM EVER! 4get Gin & Juice, DMX is the business.

Better go to bed hombre, its 2:25 am.


Blogger Lovely Amphibian said...

you know when the matter involves genius, you must go easy. that dude is wise beyond his years and he's gonna be just fine. quit fretting. even if he fell in a ditch, he'd know how to get himself outta there be4 you could say WTF. he's taking over the city. this year.

Mon Jul 17, 05:00:00 pm  
Blogger ish said...

a younger degstar? umm... so the most obvious question here is; he single?

Sat Jul 22, 05:54:00 pm  

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