Monday, January 08, 2007

26 & Hating It.

The day Saddam was hung by the neck till he died.

I’m 26 and hating it right now.

Oh don’t get wrong, I appreciate the fact that I’m alive in a country where the life expectancy of a black male is anywhere between 45 and 48 years of age. That’s cool , me I just want more out of my life. Like I just finished the latest edition of African Woman, in which my sister has an article or two – name dropping for you – and I’m gobsmacked by the fact that Stella Atal and Hood Jjuuko, artists of not inconsequential acclaim, are both my freaking age! That’s what is getting my goat. That and the fact that Saddam has been executed. The Beeb won’t let up on it so I might as well wade in with my 2 cents worth.

I am a firm proponent of the death penalty. I was. I am. Ok, I was until this morning when my brother woke me – he never does – with the news that Saddam had been excecuted. My first jumbled thoughts were of Cousin William, who went to Namilyango in the mid-nineties and was a member of the RCC, the Revolutionary Command Council, itself modeled on the same organ run by Saddam in Iraq. Something smells to high heaven about this execution. First of all, since when did it take only 4 weeks from sentencing thru appeals to execution of sentence? And why was Saddam bumped off for a crime that insignificant? Seriously, the man was accused/guilty of far worse crimes, depending on which side of the bridge you’re on with this one.

And that was the shammest trial if ever there was a sham trial. I could draw parallels to a certain trial here not so long ago in which a prominent musawo was arraigned swiftly, on wild allegations at worst and circumstantial evidence at best, and almost sent to the gallows yet a gun wielding member of the national army is out on bail after smoking three people in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses during a peaceful gathering of political party activists for a quasi-cultural ceremony. You do the math and dare to call me a conspiracy theorist. Saddam was prolly guilty of a lot of nasty shit, e.g;
1. invading Kuwait
2. Poison gassing the Kurds
3. Fighting Iran and being co-responsible for the death of 1 million people
4. killing his sons-in-law for daring to tell on him after defecting to Jordan
5. Trying to kill George Bush Snr. According to the Idiot Jr.

But he deserved his day in court like any other accused criminal, which is why Nurri al-Malaki the Iraqi Premier is to be commended for keeping his promise to hang Saddam by year end. And on Idd Adhua too? That’s some cold shit. Speaking of year end, does anyone know if Nsaba Buturo has refunded the monies he took from Mega FM as he’d promised to do? And has he explained why he took money for a ministerial trip to Malaysia and then neither took the trip nor refunded the money?

So, adieu Monsieur Hussein, you will find yourself in suitable company when you get to Purgatory, you and General Pinochet, Comrade Pol Pot, Marshall Mobutu, Comrade Mugabe (when the strains of satisfying Grace Mugabe finally get him), Jonas Savimbi, Emperor Bokassa, Kaiser Hitler, General Abiola and Joe Kony … oh shit he isn’t dead yet, what are those Black Mamba boys doing? Shouldn’t they be out scoring the jungles of Southern Sudan/North-eastern Congo for Kony’s murdering ass instead of scaring poor old geriatric judges in the city? Mbu an anti-terrorist crack unit! Ha! Don’t they watch 24? That’s how you do this shit.

So what I was saying earlier about being 26 and hating it? Well, after quitting my job and rejoining the world of the people who have lives and live worthwhile lives, I have been finding out just how much I have missed out on, like being creative and artistic and non-conventional and traveling the world and establishing a reputation for doing something really well and…… following your dreams y’know? So I’m bitching about the fact that these kids who are my age are living the lives I wanted to live! That’s my life dude, give it back! I didn’t even finish reading the magazine, I was just too too stressed out.

By the way, that Princess Komuntale is quite the dish isn’t she? A bit skinny but that can be remedied with a sustained diet of pork ribs and Tusker. So, who of us wants to be the first one to have a go at getting the royal garter?


Blogger Cherie said...


First off, Princess Komuntale is on Joshi's list already! So back off.

Then, the Saddam issue also hurt me so much. Nice way u put it...the Idiot Jr.

U're 26??!! Unbelievable!

Tue Jan 09, 09:54:00 am  
Blogger Cherie said...

Joshi, u see, I gat your back!

Tue Jan 09, 09:55:00 am  
Blogger Iwaya said...

I know how you feel!

Tue Jan 09, 04:22:00 pm  
Blogger joshi said...

@Cherie..okimanyi my ride or die chick

Tue Jan 09, 04:30:00 pm  
Blogger Degstar said...


u forget i used to come vist u teenies in A level? hw old did u think i was? 24?

Tue Jan 16, 08:15:00 pm  

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