Thursday, February 01, 2007

Whats wrong with Season 6 of 24

What’s wrong with Season 6 of 24;
1. Jack has clean fingernails in the scene when he’s talking to President Palmer, dude you just came out of 3 years of torture in a Chinese prison, how do you explain clean fingernails? What, the Chinese were giving you manicures?

2. President Wayne Palmer is not Presidential enough. Negro please, how do you go and make Wayne Palmer President? Seriously how? One black President was novelty enough, two maybe, but to have the weasly younger brother of David Palmer as the new Prez!? Double Negro please!

3. Nadia, boss of CTU, is bullied easily. She gave up the info – to Chloe - too easily that Jack was alive. Ok fine, not too many people can stand up to Chloe but still Nadia cracked too easily, she shoulda fired Chloe or suspended her or something.

4. Jack hasn’t talked in 2 years, according to the Chinese, but his speech, when he starts talking, is neither halting nor hesitant. When I get up in the morning, it takes me a few minutes to find my speaking voice. If I’d been quiet for 3 years, it would take me a little while to find my speaking voice. But then again, what do I know, I’m not Jack Bauer.

5. Morris works for CTU. Morris the dude who used to sell shoes to rich old women in Beverly Hills now works for CTU. Ok, he’s got some mad skills as evidenced when he uses a satellite that’s not on the government grid to help Chloe track down Jack. And he has a most delightful British accent. And I love his dress sense. plus gez d one goin out with Chloe. damn.

6. Adrian is in middle management at CTU. Adrian the nerd is in middle management. Proving once again that in the West you only need to work at a joint for like 3 days (3 seasons, did he last that long?) to be promoted to management.

7. The guy who’s the President’s Chief of Staff? His shirt collar don’t fit too good. It makes him lose credibility in my eyes. To be the part, you gotta dress the part. That’s why Amama Mbabazi will be the next President and not Gilbert Bukenya; ‘cause Mbabazi dresses like a President should, even better than M7 himself.

8. Right after the COS (Chief of Staff) has assured the POTUS (c’mon really; President Of The United States!) that the only way to stop the terrorists is to sacrifice Jack, he leaves the Oval Office and there are no marine guards or Secret Service agents outside in the corridor. In which USA?

9. Jack’s nose hasn’t been broken. What self respecting torturer will not break ur nose? I would. And knock your teeth out while I was at it too. Then mess up your eyes so that one was always like just rotating around in its socket. Man, I could mess you up some. Like hang a brick from your … baby factory. Stick a red hot rod up your Number 2 … mbu I should be impressed by the scars on Jack’s back. Puleaze!

10. After Bill Buchanan cuffs Jack to the grate as per the terrorist’s instructions then Jack gives his little speech about dying for a worthwhile cause, Bill walks off in a highly emotional state. Curtis Manning on the other hand, who spent more time in the field with Jack, just turns around and walks off, no goodbye, no love, nothing! Which black man ain’t got a word or two, or a prayer, for a condemned man? Man, that’s gangster.

11. Man, there’s a ki hot chick singing on Tv, I’ve even paused the 6th season of 24, episode 1! Kyokka I have to get her name; this video is just too hot, dere she’s called Queen Fatia and the song’s called Baibe. I likey likey.

And that’s just the first 10 minutes of the first hour.


Blogger joshi said...

funny about his fingerz having a like episode(season spoiler here) he has like enchacha on his fingerz..pretty messed up...from 6-8 dude grew enchacha!!

Fri Feb 02, 01:17:00 am  
Blogger Jay said...

And he hasn't lost any weight from the previous season. Maybe they were feeding him on dim sum, spring rolls and sweet and sour pork.

Have watched up to episode 5 but I am finally getting to feel that this whole 24 thing has run its course.

Fri Feb 02, 05:28:00 pm  
Blogger Dante said...

oy man! i thought u were boycotting season 6 like myself. what happened? who broke u?

Mon Feb 12, 02:51:00 pm  

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