Monday, March 19, 2007

i ApoloGIZE

truly twasnt my fault
even me i did not want
first my laptop would not access the internet
and somehow all the cheap cafes employ CPUs which dont recognise my flash disk
then i got all caught up in trying to make a buck
or two
then a lot of shit happened
like my cousin took a french leave from school
i hear to go get her "O" level certificate
then she came to my house
i s'pect she had a lotta proggie planned
women's day weekend n all
then her dad found out and also came to my house
so there was a big ass row
she refused to go home with him
saying she wanted to go to her mum's - mum n dad dont live together
he reminded her of d deal from the last time this shit happened
-yeah she dun run away from home before, see
-i blog my shit, she runs away from places
she finishes S.6, she a candidate, then he takes her to Mum,
she didnt buy it, wanted to go now
he lost it
came short of disowning her pesky ass
drove off in a huff
she stayed for a few days
spent her days playing dress up in my sis' closet
-which my sis claims to be "nothing to wear" afflicted
and her nights watching La Revancha
so i called Mum, we call her Cassandra, for advice
then cousin went back to school
and got expelled, for staying out too long or something
then her dad came home and told us
that her mother had in fact passed away last year
and he'd found out this year
kept it a secret from his daughter
planned on tellin her in december
so anyways - wen he fetched her expelled ass - he took her to see her mum's grave
blasted his in-laws for not telling him wen it happened
while my cousin just ... well she cried n den cried some more
so basically no one is saying it
but does that mean she gon drop out of school this year?
i mean, she dun gat expelled already

am i forgiven now?


Blogger joshi said...

that is messed up!!WOAH dude, sorry to hear about ur aunt..I dont hold not bloggin against u matey..nah

Tue Mar 20, 12:39:00 am  
Blogger Cheri said...

Man, thats some deep s**t! I feel so sorry for the girl.

U're forgiven.

Tue Mar 20, 01:02:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course you are forgiven! I have no blog but I love your stories.

Tue Mar 20, 07:36:00 pm  
Anonymous baz said...

Aya! man. Ow. Damn.

Wed Mar 21, 02:30:00 pm  

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