Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Mr. Magoo,

negro, i dont know how i did it but this shit happened for real! i just had to tell someone.listen today i had all three of my women up in my sister's shop, man i was rolling! basically i had Aisha sitting next to me on the divan checking out pictures or some shit on my laptop, then Elizabeth Swan (from Pirates Of The Carib...role play negro, role play) was on my other side and finally CuCu was at the desk checking out the latest issue of African Woman in which my siso appears as Degstar's sis n friends - her friends gonna b pised at that description - this shit was off d hook!!! i mean the one i'ma do next all about to feel my flow - if galfrend chucks me at end of Lent, hell i might just do her anyways, i'm nasty like that LOL - Ms. Swan and i, well i like her freak and wen i went to get some ice cream with her, i asked and she said we gon do it on the beach next so i gotta find a good beach, any suggestions? then like i had both Ms. Swan and Aisha trying on the merchandise for my viewing pleasure - in case y'all forgot we sell women's clothing, Cherie we got bonus points coming ur way, Carlo, i have the sweetest fitted woolen jacket with sheringbone pink piping for u, the rest of u, where u at? - and i was like, that skirt bring out ur hips Love, that blouse was made 4 you Sugarpie, why dont u try on these linen pants? hey Love get out of the changing room i wanna see u in that little number ... man i sold so many skirts n blouses n shit today! i think i've discovered my calling - to sell women clothing. so like, damn, i had all three chicks in the shop today n i didnt plan it, they all just came by, man we even had Select fries n Chicken together, all civil like. and i, well u know how u have nightmares about all ur tricks showing up and u say sumthin to mess up dat shit? uh ha, not me negro, i handled that shit, baby girl best be getting all up in my grill 'cause man i'm getting a wee bit tired of saying no to my body, i'm like R. Kelly, my mind's telling me no but my body, my body's telling me yeeeesssssss.....i dont see nuthin wrong..with a litto bump n grind,remember how we use dto get down to that on the tape player? well, i'm goin all old skool on this shit. damn man, we coulda had some drama up in there, all past, present n future, instead we had fries, chicken, ice cream AND I SOLD A LOTTA THREADS! my sis musta just love me, i'm good for business like that.

how'd u like me now?



Blogger The 27th Comrade said...

Frig, kiddie! Woo!

You're living a fine life! My dream life!
Yeah, do a touch of bump n' grind - it never killed nobody! :oD

Okay, just be careful, now. One cat-fight, and you got blood streaks all over 'pon de threads.

This rocked.

Thu Mar 22, 09:28:00 am  
Blogger Kenyanchick said...

Heh heh.

In my next life I'm coming back as a dude who sells women's clothing.

Y'all have all the fun.

Thu Mar 22, 11:44:00 am  
Blogger Savage-No, I didn't quit said...

dude you are on a roll. You hit us with like, what? 8 posts in 48 hours.

Meanwhile ever noticed how good things happen to you at your least capable moments? See, that happened at the time when,out of principle,you can't get ya mack on.

But me I don't got principles when it comes to that. I be misbehaving every time.

Thu Mar 22, 08:30:00 pm  
Blogger Baz said...

Dude, TAPES???

Oh, fuck. Tapes. Original or Contex?

Thu Mar 22, 10:23:00 pm  

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